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A good real estate agent is essential, especially abroad.

  • It means making the best property purchase possible, rather than settling for a mediocre one.
  • It means getting you the best rate on your future property, rather than paying over true market value.
  • It means guiding you through the entire legal process, rather than a having a complicated procedure.
  • It means engaging in negotiations with the seller on your behalf, rather than completing the sale at any rate.
  • You may not be able to speak the local language, but you would not have to struggle to understand.
  • You may not understand local attitudes and mentalities, but you will have the inside knowledge you need.
  • You may not know to consider all the market intricacies, but you will know where to avoid buying.

You can be absolutely certain you know what you are buying.

HouseStory will keep you informed of numerous real estate assets countrywide. We work in close cooperation with real estate agents across Israel, allowing us to offer you thorough information of any property available anywhere in Israel. Get access to the latest house prices, or watch the property’s architectural plan, to give you an idea of its actual value.

Our unique site provides you with an overview of each region or neighborhood, in terms of education, health and social services, sports and leisure facilities, arts and entertainment, religious amenities, communal services, public transportation and more. We present you with information about each property, displayed on a regional map, in English, and you can take a look at the property’s pictures, taken from different angles, so you can inspect the flaws and fine points and make an educated decision.

HouseStory represents your best interests and will lead you through smooth property purchase. After purchase, we can offer you property management services, such as maintenance, repairs and renovations, rent collection and direct deposit.

HouseStory. Any place you are looking for, in one place.

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