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Congratulations! You have purchased realty in Israel.

What’s next? There is still so much you have to do, in order to maximize your investment: market the property, screen and select a qualified tenant, collect rent, reduce vacancies, renew leases, maintain indoor and outdoor areas, attend to tenants requests…

Sounds difficult? Actually it is quite simple.
Hiring a professional Property Manager to do exactly that can make the difference:
It saves you time, money and stress. It is a service designed to give you peace of mind, free you from many administrative tasks and ensure a worry free ownership of investment.

It’s important that property owners find a competent property manager who can represent them well and add significant value to their investment.  HouseStory Property Management offers a complete range of services.  Our skilled and experienced management team is located throughout Israel.


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For a hassle free service!

The following is a list of the tasks we can perform for you:

Marketing the property for rent

Maximizing your property’s exposure to find qualified tenants quicker:

  • Advertising in order to get a larger pool of candidates: hanging a ‘For Sale’ sign outside the property, Newspaper Classifieds, Real Estate Magazines and Internet Ads.
  • Working with other realtors and leasing agents to find a tenant in the shortest period of time

Free of Charge when purchasing a full property management agreement.

 Leasing Fee

  • Screening and selecting quality tenants
  • Executing new leases
  • collecting security deposit monies
  • Lodging, transfer and refund of bonds
  • Transfer of ownership on water, electricity and gas bills

Cost: One month’s rent

A full or partial refund in the event that the tenant is evicted, or breaks their lease

Lease renewals – only 800 NIS when purchasing a full property management agreement.

No vacancy management fee.

Worry Free Property Management

  • Performing periodic inspections (Inside and outside), approximately two times a year, to ensure the property is properly looked after and that all bills have been paid
  • Looking for repair need or safety hazards and contacting service professionals if required
  • Addressing any tenant concerns on a day to day basis, 24 hours a day (except for Shabat)
  • Collection of all fees and rent from tenants
  • Collection of late fees and outstanding tenant charges


7% of the rent or NIS 150 per month, including VAT (the higher of the two)

NIS 150 for each additional visit to the property

Payment can be made in annual, biannual or quarterly installments

Partial Property Management – when the owner has direct contact with tenant

  • Handling any matter required by the owner

Cost: NIS 340 – 500 per visit/task as per request

 Maintenance, Repairs, and Refurbishment

  • Coordinating all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs
  • Assuring on-going maintenance is completed as contracted by qualified and skilled tradespeople
  • Getting at least three independent bids for larger projects
  • Acting as general contractor overseeing the work


Repairs made at Nis 2500 or above – 7% of refurbishment cost + VAT

Repairs made under NIS 2500 – Free of Charge when purchasing a full property management agreement


Complete, second hand furnishing (upon request)

Furnished properties are often in high demand and therefore, it is easier to find quality tenants and bring in much more income for a property owner.

  • A common practice for two room apartments includes:

Double bed, dining table and chairs, oven, refrigerator, sofa and couches, coffee tables and cabinets


NIS 2,500 – 3,500 for the moving company

HouseStory Handling Fee – Free of Charge when purchasing a full property management agreement


** All prices are subject to change